Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First days

Welcome to the Saumur 2011 blog! As we are quite busy these first days with orientations and other preparations, I won't be able to provide many details right away, so I will be updating this again soon. The students have been introduced to their host families and have started getting themselves accustomed to the new time schedule. We walked around town today to see some sites, and tomorrow we have exams and the on-site orientation, so we are keeping them very occupied!

As I update this blog, I will also be posting photos, such as the one below (but better, without anyone covered up by a tree):

They are all smiling, even though we've just woken them up from a nap and taken their photo.

The host parents all appear to be very pleased with their students, and the students all seem to like their families, so all is going well! More information to come soon.


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  1. Nice to see there in group.Hope everyone is doing great.